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When Your Insurance Company Fails You: Insurance Bad Faith

If you filed a legitimate insurance claim only to encounter inordinate resistance or red tape, you could be a victim of insurance bad faith.

At Hedberg & Boulton, P.C., we understand your frustration and hardships. From our Des Moines, Iowa, offices, our attorneys help victims hold companies accountable for their practices. We also offer free, no-risk consultations.

What Does Insurance Bad Faith Mean?

The term refers to an insurance company’s attempt to renege on its obligations. Here are some examples:

  • Unreasonable delays: The insurance company takes an excessive amount of time to investigate your claim or communicate with you.
  • Denial of valid claims: The insurer denies your claim without a legitimate reason, often misinterpreting policy language.
  • Lowball offers: The insurance company offers a settlement amount that is significantly lower than the actual value of your claim.
  • Failure to investigate: The insurer neglects to properly investigate your claim or gathers insufficient evidence before denying it.
  • Outright deception: The insurance company misrepresents policy terms or coverage to avoid paying out

When an insurer engages in bad faith, policyholders may be entitled to receive compensation for any resulting damages they experience.

Why Choose Hedberg & Boulton, P.C., For Your Insurance Bad-Faith Case?

Decades of relentless advocacy forged our reputation. We’re a beacon of justice for the wronged.

Along with our dedication and experience, we offer:

  • Proven track record: We have a successful history of securing fair compensation for our clients in bad-faith cases.
  • Relentless advocacy: We are aggressive in pursuing your rights and holding insurance companies accountable.
  • Client-centered approach: We understand the emotional and financial stress you are facing, and we’ll provide personalized attention and support throughout the legal process.

From your initial, free consultation to the final outcome, you have direct access to our experienced lawyers, not just paralegals or junior associates.

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We believe informed decisions are crucial, and we will meticulously explain your options. With Hedberg & Boulton, P.C., you are never in the dark.

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