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Des Moines Estate Planning Attorneys For Wills And Trusts

At Hedberg & Boulton, P.C., in Des Moines, we know that our clients’ estate plan needs will be highly customized and unique to their specific needs. Our wills and trusts lawyers have decades of experience protecting the legacy of their clients throughout Iowa. They work closely with every client to craft an estate plan specific to their needs and wealth management goals.

A Will Protects Your Wishes

There are several different types of estate planning tools to make sure that your wishes are met after you are gone. A will allows you to direct the transfer of property and assets to your named heirs. A will can also appoint guardians for your children.

If you die in Iowa without a will, your estate will go through the probate process. The court will be required to follow the intestate rules of succession to transfer your property to your spouse or children first and then to your parents, siblings or other relatives.

The Advantages Of Preparing A Trust

A trust is a legal estate planning tool that will allow you to transfer assets to your beneficiaries. A trust can also make sure that your assets are managed in the way that you want, both during and after your lifetime. There are several advantages to preparing a trust as part of your estate plan, including:

  • A trust can transfer assets without needing to go through the probate process.
  • The terms of a trust can remain private, whereas a will must be filed with the court and become part of the public record.
  • A trust becomes effective and active as soon as you sign it, whereas a will becomes effective upon your death.
  • Revocable trusts can continue to be updated as necessary throughout your lifetime.

There are different types of trusts. An experienced estate planning attorney can help you identify which types of trusts might be best to meet your legal needs and goals. Our attorneys can evaluate your assets and wealth and help you craft a customized estate plan to manage your assets and wealth and minimize tax consequences.

Schedule A Consultation With An Experienced Wills And Trusts Attorney

Our attorneys offer a free initial consultation. During this appointment, we can answer your questions and tell you more about how we can customize an estate plan that meets your needs. To schedule your free appointment, contact our office by sending us an email through our website or by calling 515-446-9861.