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What are your body parts worth in an Iowa workers’ comp claim?

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

Did you know that many state workers’ compensation programs assign a value to your body parts after a disabling work injury?

In Iowa, disability causes by losing an arm in a workplace accident will yield 250 weeks of workers’ compensation benefits. The loss of your body as a whole (industrial disability) is worth 500 weeks of compensation.

Most people file their claims, start receiving benefits and then forget about the matter until their compensation suddenly stops. Always track your claim to ensure you get the disability compensation you deserve and that your benefits last for the prescribed time.

Read on for more tips to protect your claim.

Always see a doctor

You may not believe you need medical care for a workplace injury, but you cannot obtain benefits without documentation from a medical provider. The workers’ comp board in your region will not pay claims that do not include documented proof of injury or disability.

Follow their orders

Your claim could also be terminated or sustain other damage (delays, etc.) if you fail to follow the treatment orders a doctor provides. If you disagree with the treatment plan or feel the doctor is unsuitable, you may petition the Iowa workers’ compensation commissioner for alternative care. However, deviating from the recommended treatment is unwise until you obtain a decision from the commissioner.

Consider legal representation

Many claims proceed without any problems. However, if trouble does arise, it can impact your benefits significantly. Legal guidance ensures you take the proper steps when filing and do nothing that might endanger your workers’ compensation claim. It is particularly critical to follow the rules and obtain representation if the injury has disabled you.