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What are the three major categories of workplace accidents?

On Behalf of | May 22, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

There are occupations that may be more prone to injuries than others, including those in construction, mining and heavy industry, as well as first responders. Due to the nature of their job or the machines and tools they operate, they may face more danger than other members of the workforce. Injuries can happen while on-the-job. Whether injured while working in one of these high-risk occupations or at another job, workers’ compensation benefits help to ensure that a worker’s financial stability remains intact while they are on a leave of absence due to a work-related injury.

Workplace accidents and injuries typically fall into three categories:

Single accident injuries

Most workplace accidents typically fall under this category. As the name implies, single accident injuries are those that could sideline a worker for a long time recovering – all from a single accident. This may range from tripping over debris and falling from a certain height to more extreme accidents such as motor vehicle collisions.

Repetitive strain injuries

You may get an injury after repeatedly performing the same task for days, months, or even years. When a certain muscle group or body part engages in performing the task, your muscle, ligaments, tendons or soft tissue may slowly break down and cause you pain or discomfort. And it is not just occupations that require the use of heavy machinery that cause this type of injury – even low-impact tasks such as typing can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, which damages your hands, wrists and forearms.

Toxic exposure

The use of potentially hazardous materials may be inevitable in certain industries. While there may be safety precautions in place to better ensure the health and safety of the workers, they may still be prone to serious diseases caused by prolonged exposure to toxic materials, which they may ingest, inhale, or absorb dermally.

Workers who are injured in one of these three common categories or another work-related activity are wise to understand their rights. Taking the time to apply for these benefits can help enable you to bounce back financially after a workplace accident.