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5 common manufacturing injuries

On Behalf of | May 29, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Factories are bustling environments that can involve serious risks to workers. It is important for factory workers to be aware of the common dangers they might encounter on the job.

Exposure to harmful substances

Many factories utilize chemicals and other dangerous substances. Exposure to these substances can cause breathing issues, chemical burns and other health problems. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that nearly 36,000 factory workers suffered from these injuries in 2020.

Repetitive stress injuries

Manufacturing workers often perform the same tasks repeatedly throughout their shifts. These prolonged repetitive motions can strain muscles and tendons over time.

Machine injuries

The use of heavy machinery is common in factories, bringing with it significant risks like entanglement. This happens when clothing, shoes, fingers or hair get caught in equipment. These accidents can result in severe injuries. Machine injuries can even result in amputation.

Trips and falls

Compared to heavy machinery, clutter in factory walkways or uneven floors may seem like minor hazards. However, they can lead to slips, trips and falls. These accidents can cause serious injuries such as fractures, head injuries and back injuries.


Lifting, pushing or pulling heavy objects can cause overexertion injuries. Injuries like muscle strains, joint injuries and hernias are common. Nearly 30,000 of these injuries affect factory workers each year.

If you suffer an injury at a factory job, remember that workers’ compensation is there to support your recovery journey. This system can cover medical costs and a portion of lost wages as you recover from these or other common workplace injuries.