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Medical evidence that will strengthen your workers’ comp claim 

On Behalf of | Apr 10, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

You’ve always been a proud and hard-working individual. You take great pleasure in working to provide for your family, buy nice things, go on vacations and much more. 

Thus, it hit you very hard when you had a work-related accident and found yourself unable to continue in your role. You’re filing for workers’ compensation, which is your right, but there have been some issues. You’ve been told that you need to supply further medical evidence. 

What might help you in such a scenario? Here are some options:

A report from your doctor 

Some of the strongest pieces of medical evidence you can provide are your medical records. Typically, you are entitled to have access to these and pass them on to people with your consent. 

These records will give an indication as to your general health prior to the accident and your condition after it. The records should contain an accurate diagnosis, a note of how often you have visited the doctor and your recommended treatment plan and expected recovery time frame. 

Why is this so important? 

There is a chance that your case will be contested. It may be argued that your injuries or illness were not related to work but came on as a result of your general health. Your medical history and records can give an accurate account so that these claims can be countered with evidence. Ultimately, this makes your workers’ comp case much stronger. 

Being out of work leaves you unable to work and provide for your loved ones. You shouldn’t have to face this alone and workers’ comp can provide some relief. By seeking legal guidance you’ll find out more about your options.