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What is a herniated disc?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2022 | Neck And Back Injuries

Back injuries are a very common source of pain for many workers. They can happen when the worker simply strains their back trying to pick up something that is too heavy, for example, or when a worker sits in an uncomfortable chair for eight hours every day, for years on end.

But some back injuries go far beyond discomfort and pain. These are serious injuries that can impact your ability to work. One example of this is a herniated disc. What is this, and what signs would you expect if you had one?

Cushions between the vertebrae

Your spine is made of vertebrae, and they have cushions between them that are known as disks. These are rubbery in texture, and they have a nucleus that is filled with a jelly-like substance. Essentially, these are just supposed to cushion your spine and make it possible for you to move without pain.

However, if the disc is damaged or torn, some of the jelly can escape from the nucleus. This can put pressure on the nerves in the area and cause serious back pain. In some cases, people will have numbness and tingling in their extremities, and they may feel weak since the nerves are being impacted so severely. This can lead to issues holding things or picking them up, and some individuals even stumble or have trouble with mobility. Even those who still can move will have a sharp or burning pain as they do so, and they may even have pain when they cough, sneeze or move to a new position.

If you’re dealing with this type of constant pain, numbness and weakness, it’s easy to understand why this could keep you out of the workforce. Make sure you know your options to seek compensation during this time.