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Tips for proper will storage and safekeeping

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Wills

Creating a will is important. However, if you pass away and no one knows about it or where it is, it won’t help. 

It’s smart to store your will with other estate planning documents in a location that’s easy to access. Some other tips to ensure your will is stored properly and can be found by your family after you pass can be found here:

Personal safes and filing cabinets

You can store your will in a personal safe at home, locked filing cabinet or another safe location. If you decide to place your will somewhere a password, key or combination is needed to enter, make sure someone knows what it is. 

With someone in authority

Sometimes wills can be stored at the attorney’s office where they were created. Other times, you can pay to have the will stored by the county court. Again, in both cases, make sure your family knows where the will is stored for their future use.

Safe deposit box storage

You should not choose to store your will in a safe deposit box unless there’s another person who has access to it. If you don’t give access to another person, then the bank may require a court order to access the box, which may take a while. 

Ensuring your will is found and accessible

It’s important to take steps to ensure your will is found after you pass away. Using the tips here and working with professionals can help. Knowing what options you have will pay off in the long run by making the probate process easier for your family.