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Truckers and delivery drivers face many hazards

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Some individuals think that being a trucker or delivery driver is a safe option for employment, but there are many hazards that come with this type of profession. While they sometimes vary from one job to another, there are some that are universally present. 

Some truckers and commercial drivers have to load and unload their cargo. They all have to drive around. All of these duties can lead to injuries if they aren’t careful, and sometimes the injuries may occur even when they are following all the necessary safety protocols. 

What are some injuries these professionals may face?

Motor vehicle crashes, exposure to carbon monoxide, and the risk of a fire are some hazards that these drivers may face while they work. They are often exposed to exhaust fumes, which can be toxic. They may also face the risk of being crushed between trailers or by cargo. 

Overexertion and cumulative trauma injuries are also possible. These are commonly associated with loading and unloading cargo, but can also occur as the trucker maneuvers the rig. It’s sometimes not possible to remain in a suitable ergonomic position while driving and working, so these drivers may have excessive wear and tear on the body. 

Eye strain and exposure to the sun’s rays can also lead to long-term problems for truckers. There’s also a risk of violence and stress for these hard workers.

Any trucker or delivery driver who suffers an injury while they work should explore their right to seek workers’ compensation. This isn’t typically available for contract workers, but employed individuals may qualify for it. Taking action to receive the benefits you’re due is imperative. Working with someone who’s familiar with Iowa laws is often beneficial. This may help to reduce your stress so you can focus on healing and getting back to work.