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How can workers’ compensation help you after a neck injury?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Neck injuries have significant medical consequences. They usually have immediate effects that persist for some time after an injury, if not forever.

Those with significant neck injuries often require an extended period of immobilization to properly heal. If you hurt your neck on the job, then you can potentially turn to Iowa workers’ compensation to cover you for a significant neck injury.

How can workers’ compensation help you?

With medical coverage

You might need extensive trauma care or emergency transportation after a neck injury. You could spend several days in the hospital and may need specialized equipment during your recovery.

There could also be physical therapy expenses to help you regain full function, especially if you suffered some kind of nerve damage. Workers’ compensation can help you by covering 100% of those potentially significant medical costs.

With disability benefits

When you first get hurt, you may hope to only need a few hours away from work. Once you know you will need to miss a week or more of work, you may qualify for short-term disability benefits while you undergo treatment.

Workers who will never be able to go back to work may qualify for permanent total disability benefits. Many times, neck injuries will result in job limitations. A worker may be able to go back to work but not to the same profession. Permanent partial disability benefits can help workers with long-term symptoms from a neck injury continue meeting their financial obligations.

Suffering a neck injury on the job can drastically change your life, and it’s important to know your rights as an injured worker if that does happen to you.