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The 3 most common types of workplace accidents

On Behalf of | May 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Occupations such as construction work, mining, heavy industry and first responders will face injury on nearly every shift. Unfortunately, while these tend to be the most at risk industries, every job carries certain hazards. Fortunately, workers’ compensation benefits exist to ensure a worker’s financial stability while he or she is away from work healing from a devastating injury.

While there are countless types of accidents and injuries that can occur in the workplace, they generally fall into three categories:

  • Single accident injuries: This is likely the most common category of workplace accidents due to the sheer volume of possible dangers. From tripping over debris in the walkway and falling from heights to being struck by falling material and motor vehicle collisions, a single accident can lead to catastrophic injuries that could sideline a worker for months or even years as they recover.
  • Repetitive strain injuries: Also known as repetitive stress injuries, this damage is caused by repeatedly performing the same task for days, months or years. The nature of these tasks can slowly break down the muscle, ligaments, tendons and other soft tissue of the body. Even low-impact tasks such as typing can have a devastating impact on the hands, wrists and forearms. Symptoms can include pain, tenderness, swelling, throbbing or numbness.
  • Toxic exposure: It is not uncommon for the needs of the business to include the use of potentially hazardous materials. Whether it is benzene used in the manufacture of products such as rubber, plastics and detergents or asbestos fibers used to enhance a product’s resistance to heat, ingestion, inhalation or dermal absorption of hazardous materials can lead to a host of serious conditions.

While workers in certain occupations are considered at risk for accidents, there is no jobsite that is 100% safe. Workplace injuries can include muscle sprains, cartilage damage, head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord damage and paralysis. If you have questions about workers’ compensation benefits after a work injury, or you were denied benefits, it is wise to discuss your specific situation with an experienced legal professional.