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What injuries might machinists suffer at work?

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2024 | Workers' Compensation

Machinists work in environments that demand precision and attention. They often operate heavy machinery and handle sharp tools. Each job can lead to unique challenges and hazards.

Despite stringent safety protocols, the nature of their work exposes them to various physical injuries. These injuries range from minor cuts to severe, life-altering conditions.

Common physical injuries

One of the most frequent injuries among machinists is cuts and lacerations. These occur when handling materials or working with sharp objects like drills and saws. Without proper gloves and attention, machinists can easily suffer cuts, some of which may be deep and require medical attention to prevent infection.

Another prevalent injury is musculoskeletal disorders, which include strains and sprains, particularly in the back and upper limbs. These injuries result from repetitive motions, lifting heavy items or maintaining awkward positions for extended periods. Over time, these actions can strain muscles and tendons, leading to chronic pain and disorders that might necessitate long-term treatment or surgery.

Severe physical injuries

More severe injuries can occur from machinery accidents. These include crush injuries, where a part of the body gets caught between heavy machinery parts, leading to potential fractures, amputations or even death. The fast-moving parts of machinery also pose a risk of entanglement, which can lead to severe injuries or amputations if clothing, hair or limbs become caught.

Eye injuries are another significant concern for machinists. Sparks, metal filings or other debris can cause eye injuries ranging from minor irritations to serious damage that could result in vision loss. Protective eyewear is essential to shield the eyes from these hazards.

Medical care is often necessary for these injuries. Machinists should be able to count on workers’ compensation to cover their medical expenses. Unfortunately, they may have to fight for those so having a legal professional on their side who can advocate for them may be beneficial.