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Consider the long-term impact of your work-related back injury

On Behalf of | Nov 13, 2023 | Neck And Back Injuries

You hurt your back while lifting something at work, by repetitive bending or perhaps a traumatic torso injury. You figured that a few days off and icing it alternating with a heating pad would get you back in the game.

But that might not be very realistic in the long term. Learn how a work-related back injury can have lasting repercussions on your health and lifestyle.

Say goodbye to an active lifestyle

If you are the type who likes to tramp through the woods hunting and ascend a tree stand to draw a bead on that buck, those days might be behind you. Medical researchers proved that lower back pain is the top cause of limited mobility and activity, as well as causing the most absences from the workplace.

The days of rough-and-tumble fun with the kids or grandkids may be over, as you are forced to sit on the porch and just observe the raucous fun.

What can be done?

Treatment is essential, both early and ongoing. That’s the main reason why you should never try to cover up a workplace back injury. Doing so just makes it far more complicated to make a covered claim. If you fail to directly link your lower back injury to an on-the-job injury or accident, your claim may be denied. 

Then, you and your insurance company will be on the hook for the expensive treatment costs and mounting medical bills you can’t pay because you can no longer work. Learning more about your legal options after a workplace injury sidelines you can help you make decisions that protect your and your family’s futures.