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The dangers of construction site trenches

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2023 | Construction Injuries

If you work on a construction site, the chances are you’ve seen a lot of trenches. Maybe you’ve even dug some or had to work inside them.

Even if you have nothing to do with them, they present a major hazard to your safety. Here are some of the ways trenches can harm workers.

You get injured when digging one

The more you dig, the more likely you are to one day hit a cable or pipe. Cutting through a fiber optic internet cable won’t win you any fans, but it won’t harm you. Striking a power cable or high-pressure pipeline might.

You fall into one

Yes, that trench may have been in the same place for the last three weeks, but that doesn’t mean you might not forget. Employers need to ensure trenches are well-marked at all times to prevent people from falling into them. 

You have things fall onto you when inside one

It can be off-putting to hear the sound of people or machinery passing close by above the lip of a hole when you are inside. Employers should take steps to prevent people from traveling close, as anything they drop could land on your head. Even things some distance away could be knocked in if upslope.

You have the trench collapse on you

Trenches need constant assessment to ensure they are still stable. This is particularly crucial after rain or if a pipe has burst nearby. The employer should task a suitably trained person with this job.

Construction trench accidents can cause nasty injuries so you’ll likely want to find out about your compensation options if injured.