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Beware the dangers of workplace ladder use

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Construction Injuries

If you fall from a ladder at work, you might escape with nothing more than bruised pride. Yet often, it leads to serious injuries or, in some cases, death.

One particularly worrying injury you could suffer is damage to your back. If you think about how people fall, there is a good chance of landing on your back. Falling directly onto the floor could have enough impact to injure your spine. Falling onto something such as a protruding beam or the top of a chair could do more acute damage, such as severing your spinal cord.

Hence, employers must take steps to ensure ladder safety. Here are some of the ways they can do that:

Ensure the ladder is in good condition

While your company might only occasionally require someone to climb a ladder, it does not excuse using a ladder that has become unsafe with age or use.

Train employees on ladder use

If your employer expects you to use a ladder, they should take the time to ensure you know how to do it safely. While climbing a ladder might seem simple, it only takes one tiny error for an accident to occur. Proper siting is also crucial to ensure stability and avoid hazards such as power lines.

Use alternative equipment if needed

A ladder is often the fastest and most convenient option. It is cheaper than alternatives such as scaffolding or elevated platforms. Yet the true cost of choosing a ladder over the alternatives might only come to light when someone has an accident. If that is you, seek legal help to claim workers’ compensation.