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Signs of an unsafe workplace

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Workers can get injured on the job in almost any workplace. Even if the employer has taken all the necessary precautions and safeguards, accidents do happen. 

However, these accidents may be more likely if the workplace is inherently unsafe. It’s important for employers to identify this and fix the hazards, but it’s also important for workers to know what types of issues to look out for so that they can attempt to avoid such accidents. 

Things are cluttered and dirty 

First and foremost, you can just look at the general state of the workplace. If it looks unkempt and neglected, there are probably many trip and fall hazards to watch out for. This general lack of maintenance could also mean that you face issues like ripped carpets, loose handrails, poor electrical connections and much more. 

Workers do not get proper training 

When the company neglects to train the workers, it puts everyone in danger. Unfortunately, training is often rushed because they just need to have someone on the job. You are only as safe as the co-workers around you. 

Clear hazards have been neglected 

In some cases, it will be obvious that there are dangerous hazards. Maybe there are burned-out lights that make it difficult to see in certain areas. Perhaps a banister has broken on a staircase or an overhead walkway, and no one has fixed it. Maybe there are exposed wires, and you can’t imagine that everything is up to code. Not only are these hazards obvious, but it makes you wonder what others are hidden. 

If you do get injured on the job, it’s very important to know about all of your options to get workers’ compensation.