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What happens if I can’t return to work after an injury?

On Behalf of | Aug 12, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

If you were injured while you were working and had to seek out medical care, you may already be aware that you could be able to seek workers’ compensation. In Iowa, the workers’ compensation laws are there to help make sure that you get compensated for your lost wages and other financial losses that have resulted from your workplace injury.

That being said, there are times when workers cannot go back to work or will not be able to do what they did at that job in the past. If you have found yourself in that situation, then there are a few things you can do.

Vocational rehabilitation may help you get back to work

The first thing to look into is vocational rehabilitation. Workers’ compensation policies often include vocational rehabilitation, which is where you will receive help training for a new position of some kind. For example, if you used to lift heavy items but can no longer do so because of a back injury, the vocational training options might help you find a new office job or one with a lighter workload.

Social Security Disability may be a second option

Another good option for some people may be to apply for Social Security Disability benefits. These benefits are designed for those who cannot return to work because they have a disability that makes it impossible for them to do so. For example, if you cannot find a new industry that you are able to work in comfortably or safety and you cannot return to a job long enough to bring in a basic income, then you may want to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSDI provides a standard base income to those who qualify, so that they can focus on healing and know that they will have an income even if they cannot return to work.

There are options available to you, such as temporary total disability or partial disability, as well. Iff you are hurt and can’t go back to work, look into the legal options and laws that apply to your case so that you can do what is best for your situation.