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Who picks your doctor for an Iowa workers’ compensation claim?

| Oct 4, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

When you get hurt at work, workers’ compensation insurance can help. You can file a claim to cover your necessary medical care and even request disability pay until you can get back to work. 

Workers’ compensation in Iowa will replace some of your unearned income and cover all of your necessary medical expenses. Complete medical coverage means that you don’t have to worry about a big deductible when you seek emergency trauma care or having to come up with a co-pay every time you go in for physical therapy. 

However, there are some limitations regarding the care you receive through a workers’ compensation claim, including limitations on what medical care providers you can visit. Who gets to decide what facility or professional treats your work injury? 

Iowa gives that authority to the employer

Under the Iowa workers compensation system, employers or their insurance providers are the ones who get to determine which medical professionals provide care. They may cooperate with a specific physician or a particular hospital. 

Generally, you will have to defer to your employer’s choices regarding your care provider. The only time when you can choose your own doctor or treatment facility is in the event of an emergency when your employer or a representative for them is not readily available. 

Thankfully, if there are issues with the standard of care that you receive, you do have the option of negotiating with your employer or their insurance provider. If they don’t cooperate, you can file a petition with the Iowa Division of Workers’ Compensation. 

Knowing your rights as an injured worker can make it easier for you to get the workers’ compensation benefits you need.